how to read deleted WhatsApp messages on Android smartphones

How to read deleted WhatsApp messages. There are many messaging apps to chitchat with friends and your relatives, among them the popular one is this messaging app we can easily send our valuable document, images, files etc. Whatsapp has a billion users across the globe. It makes our life very easy and funny way I can say, if the notification bell rings, in our mind straightly go in that”maybe someone sends me a message on WhatsApp”. Every now and then you see a pop-up notification light in your mobile and curiously you press the power button, see that a someone WhatsApp you. You just open the WhatsApp to see this message, as soon you open, you see “this message was deleted”. As a human being we have a monkey mind (ha-ha), so we just got angry or try to recover the deleted WhatsApp message.Read deleted WhatsApp messages

Actually, in the old version of WhatsApp there are no features to delete the sending message, but in the new update, there is an option to delete the sending 68 minutes you can delete the send message. However, we get to know from some source that WhatsApp deleted message are still in the device. Its happen the sender delete the message for some reason like sending the improper message, sending the wrong pic, send the message wrong person etc, but in your end or receiver end can easily access the deleted message to following some steps. It’s going to be very funny as well as you can learn some important tricks from this. Friends don’t be frustrated by this you can’t see the deleted this article, we will help you to get your desired result. follow our guide to read deleted WhatsApp messages.

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how to see deleted whatsapp messages on android

there are many processes available online to read deleted WhatsApp this post I will show you some popular process to read deleted WhatsApp messages. to read deleted WhatsApp message you need to install a third-party application. some popular application available on google play store that helps you to read deleted WhatsApp messages on Android smartphones.

Read deleted WhatsApp messages using the Notification History app

Notification History application one of the most popular application to read deleted WhatsApp message.

Download Notification history

  • First, from the google play store you should download “Notification history “app.
  • Once installed, then Grant all the Permissions to access your device’s system settings.
  • now you are ready to full access this Notification history application.
  • Then open the Notification history application.

Read deleted WhatsApp messages

  • Now you can read deleted WhatsApp messages using Notification History application.

Read deleted WhatsApp messages using WhatsRemoved+ app

WhatsRemoved application work same as notification history application. this application detects when someone deletes a message from WhatsApp.

Download WhatsRemoved+

  • First, install WhatsRemoved+ application from the google play store.
  • now open this application .then Grant all the Permissions to access your device’s system settings.
  • Now WhatsRemoved+ application will start recording all the notification history.

Read deleted WhatsApp messages

  • Now you can read deleted WhatsApp messages using WhatsRemoved+ application.

apart from those two apps there more application you can use Read deleted WhatsApp messages like Notisave, past notifications etc.


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