Top 10 Best Camera Apps For Android 2020

Stop to go studios for capturing photos and make a studio everywhere at home, on-road, at the market, etc. by getting the best camera apps for androids to your android phone. Change the old days by the more evaluated camera apps and smarts phones camera to a new day. The camera is the most important and useful for mobile devices to capture the memorable moments of our daily life. this article will tell you the best camera app for android. if to download best camera app for your android then you come in right place.

Even the companies also chomping to make their cameras the best camera for users. They are giving a hundred percent effort to provide the best camera for us. Most of the people searching for the best camera apps to increase the image quality and look, with the amazing features with those camera apps. This is the reason to use camera apps in mobile devices.

Nowadays, people are capturing photos, shooting videos with mobile cameras and the camera apps and help of photo and video editor apps they editing their photos and videos. So we are writing this article to help to search the best camera apps for the people who confused to choose the best camera apps for Android smartphones.

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Now we are showing the list of 10 Best Camera Apps For Android 2020 according to the research by us.

  1. ProShot
  2. Camera 360
  3. Camera MX
  4. Google Camera
  5. VSCO
  6. Sweet Selfie
  7. Candy Camera
  8. Cymera
  9. Bacon Camera
  10. Camera FV-5


1. ProShot:

best camera app

Proshot might be the best camera app according to our research. This app launched on windows phone before android. It is the most successful app for android also. The amazing features are attract people to love the best camera app in recent times. This camera apps has many attractive features to capture photos and shooting videos and it also has amazing effects that help the photos and videos more attractive.

Let’s see the Amazing Features of this Camera app,

(i) You can manually control aspect ratios and compressions.

(ii) Shot as RAW.

(iii) It has the ability to take time-lapse videos.

(iv) You can take group shots with a timer to this camera app.

(v) This camera app can take burst mode for action shots.

(vi) It can set up shutter priority with auto ISO.

So this camera app is the best camera app for android to you.

Download ProShot

2. Camera 360:

best camera app

When the other camera is not as intuitive in the market then CAMERA 360 gets the actual market value what people want. This camera app is getting a place for the top 10 camera apps for androids by many amazing performances which make peoples fall in love with it. The most amazing thing, this is the quick effect camera app which has amazing effects and many interesting features. To use the effects is not necessary clicking the photo when you add it, you can add the effects later also. It has additional features also which will require you to pay . best camera app for selfie. 

Let’s see the Amazing Features of this Camera app,

(i) This camera app has almost 8 camera modes and more than 100 effects.

(ii) Filters and frames are pre-installed.

(iii) You can take closeup shots and night scenes also to this camera app.

(iv) Here “selfie” is a quick effect than other apps.

(v) This camera app has a “multi grid” for making collages.

(vi) The most insane effect is the ” lowlight” effect.

So this camera app is a useful camera app for android.

Download Camera 360

3. Camera MX:

camera app for android

Camera MX is an interesting camera app. This app is relatively old but it constantly updates its features to satisfy the users. It is one of the best camera apps for Android and simply easy to use. It is the best camera app for making GIFs. This camera app has countless effects and filters for creative image editing. camera Mx one of the best camera app for android.

Let’s see the Amazing Features of this Camera app,

(i) Everything is easy to move.

(ii) This camera app has the most unique live shots from perfect moments.

(iii) Shoot your past is the most insane feature.

(iv) Simple, snappy and smooth for the users.

So you can install this camera app for android to your android mobiles.

Download Camera MX

4. Google Camera

best camera app for android

This camera app is one of the best camera apps for android which is developed by Google. This app is known as the most creating camera app for androids. It has too many features which make people fun with the new and so creating photos and videos. This camera offers a functionality powered by Google by Google lens which is the most insane thing to users.

Let’s see the features of the camera app,

(i) Slow motion video can capture in this camera app.

(ii) Portrait mode is the most insane features.

(iii)Smart brush is the best Creative feature.

(iv) It can clearly take motion photos.

(v) It can easily focus on any moving objects.

So this camera app also a good camera app for androids.

Download Google Camera


Best Camera Apps For Android

This camera app is prove itself as the best camera app by its amazing photo editing tools. VSCO is also known as Viz-CO . It is the best camera app in today’s market. It is carrying with a multitude of effects and filters. You can download VSCO for free but unlock the additional features you will pay for it.

Let’s see the features of this camera app for androids,

(i) This camera app can capture any objects instantly and clearly.

(ii) Low light compensation is an amazing feature.

(iii) Screen contrast control is just cool in this camera app.

(iv) White balance, grid overly, good flash controls, etc. are the other amazing features also.

You can use this amazing camera app for android smartphones.

Download VSCO

6.Sweet Selfie:

Best Camera Apps For Android

When all people mad to take a selfie then this camera app was came and get a huge market with it’s huge and unique features. It is a very simple but powerful camera app for android. It’s features like body shape editor, blur, artistic, etc. make it one of the best camera apps for android. People can face multiple features of skin filters. it is one of the popular camera apps in recent times.

The amazing features of the camera app are,

(i) Slim your face easily.

(ii) Beauty camera and smooth skin face editor make it one of the best camera app.

(iii) Varieties of camera filters with pimple remover.

(iv) Photo stickers and face changers is also are amazing.

(v) Stylish photo collage and blur image backgrounds also so insane.

Download Sweet Selfie

7.Candy Camera:    

Best Camera Apps For Android

Let’s take a selfie with candy camera the amazing camera app. You can take a selfie anytime anywhere with its selfie modes. This camera app is known as a selfie specialist. It’s amazing filters and effects made it one of the best camera apps for androids. You can give your photo a professional touch with large editing tools. This app has a large clouds devices. Let’s see the features of this camera app,

(i) You can take lots of hardcore selfies with this camera app.

(ii) Lodes of stickers and filters make your phone a studio.

(iii) You can hide all your pimples, black spots with its effects.

(iv) The insane feature is the silent mode that is available in this camera app.

Download Candy Camera


Best Camera Apps For Android

To get a dynamic look, you should use the best camera app named cymera . This camera app has the most lense capacity. It’s seven lenses help you to take an insane photo or video which makes you impress. You can also apply an image stabilizer for taking photos and videos. This camera app has pretty editing and customization than other camera apps.

Let’s see the amazing features of this camera app,

(i) Live filter is available on this camera app.

(ii) Various hairstyles and colors attract people.

(iii) Its makeup style is the most insane feature of people.

(iv) Lamo, Film, Sketch, Vintage and selfie filters are too good for people.

Download Cymera

9. Bacon Camera:

Best Camera Apps For Android

Improve your image quality to this famous camera app androids. This is the best 3rd party camera app that can improve your image quality. It’s pro-feature is more strong than other camera apps. Bacon Camera likes a professional camera app. This camera app provides you Google’s camera 2 API which improves your image level high. Take a look at its interesting features,

(i) This camera app offers to many devices to the ability of RAW.

(ii) You can take multiple shots at full camera resolution.

(iii) Full manual focus helps more easy to take a photo.

(iv) GIF and Panorama are attractive features for people.

Download Bacon Camera

10.Camera FV-5:

Stop to use digital cameras and use this camera app for android. It’s is a professional camera app for mobile devices. You can take a photo much more professional quality. This camera app puts you DSLR like manual control at your fingertips. It has more modern tools and effects that attract people much more. You can capture the best RAW photo also.

Take a look to its amazing features,

(i) Click photos like DSLR manual control.

(ii) It also supports long exposure.

(iii) Modern tools and effects help you increase your image quality.

(iv) This camera app has a traditional reflex camera.

Download Camera FV-5

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